Diet and Nutrition for Chronic Kidney Disease

Depending on the condition, our nephrologists will often recommend specific diets for kidney disease. The common recommendations will be to follow a low-sodium, low-potassium, and/or low-phosphorus diet. Other specific diets may be recommended for recurring kidney stones.

Recommendations by Nutrient

Sodium/Salt – generally advised for high blood pressure and protein in the urine

Potassium – restriction advised for low kidney function

Phosphorus – restriction advised for low kidney function

Special thanks to the National Kidney Foundation for making these resources available and accurate!

Recommendations by Stage of disease

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3-5 (Non-Dialysis) – MAY require sodium, potassium, and/or phosphorus restriction, depending on the stage of disease and medications in use

In-Center Hemodialysis – USUALLY requires sodium, potassium, AND phosphorus restriction. Usually requires high protein diet.

Peritoneal Dialysis – USUALLY requires sodium restriction, but may require less restriction of dietary phosphorus, and may require little to no potassium restriction compared to In-Center Hemodialysis